Virgin Atlantic Cargo and Delta Cargo recently celebrated their trans-Atlantic joint venture partnerships fifth anniversary. Both carriers promised customers more choice and reach, as well as the service benefits of greater automation.

Since the joint venture began, the airlines’ commitment to building the leading trans-Atlantic partnership has resulted in a 20% rise in the number of Delta and Virgin Atlantic flights.

Vice President for Cargo at Delta Cargo, Shawn Cole said, “Our long-term cargo strategy is to build an unmatched trans-Atlantic partnership with our joint venture partner, Virgin Atlantic. We are focused on finding ways to work more closely, collaborate and share information – ensuring we are doing all we can to support our customers on both sides of the Atlantic,” Mr. Cole continued, “The original deal was a game changer for Delta transforming our ability to compete on trans-Atlantic routes with access to London Heathrow as much as providing Virgin Atlantic unparalleled access to Delta’s U.S. network.”

Later in 2019, the companies will move into a new state-of-the-art warehouse at London Heathrow airport, along with continuing to focus on digitization and ensuring transparency throughout the shipment journey. Virgin Atlantic has scheduled an additional daily flight to Boston from London Heathrow while Delta will add a new Edinburgh to Boston non-stop service.

Managing Director of Virgin Atlantic Cargo, Dominic Kennedy said, “Our intention has always been to ensure that whatever we do as a joint venture, it must deliver real benefits for our customers in terms of more choice, service quality and is easier to do business with. We are very excited about what more we can achieve as a cargo JV and have been inspired by the great relationship and mutual respect between our cargo teams. Our partnership benefits and strengthens our respective cargo businesses leverage the best of both airlines, and, ultimately, will continue to offer new opportunities for our customers as we move forward together.”