va-Q-tec Supports Pharma Industry in Asia with COVID-19 Diagnostic Kits

German based va-Q-tec is boosting its activities in Asia to support global efforts against the COVID-19 pandemic. Their temperature-controlled pharmaceutical shipping solutions are currently supporting more than half of the international distribution of COVID-19 diagnostic kits.

Asian manufacturers of the diagnostic kits, such as Seegene, Osang Healthcare and MiREXES, currently handle the international logistics of their products using va-Q-tec’s thermal boxes and containers. Temperature-controlled pharmaceutical logistics are faced with an increasingly set of challenges amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. For instance, handling by air freight often takes longer and is difficult to calculate due to reduced airfreight capacities which are the result of 2 limited or even shut-down operations of airlines. Also, availability of personnel for customs or logistics processing is limited. Nevertheless, the functionality of the diagnostic kits must be secured by the safe temperature stability in any region of the world.

Dr. Joachim Kuhn, CEO of va-Q-tec AG, said, “As experts in the field of temperature controlled packaging and logistics, we are very proud to extend our support to the Asian manufacturers of diagnostic kits in their international distribution. They make an important contribution to the health of all global citizens in the current state of pandemic. At va-Q-tec, we feel especially connected to Asian companies because a part of the founder’s family is from Korea. We are doing everything we can to stand alongside and support our partners.”