One of the world’s fastest growing Air Cargo Carriers, Turkish Cargo, recently transported four young lions from the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, via Istanbul to South Africa where they were released back into their natural habitat.

The animals while in the circus were kept in squalid conditions, living in a 35m2 steel and concrete cage that received no direct sunlight or clean air. Their plight was discovered by the Lawrence Anthony World Organization (LAEO) who set out save the lions and return them to their natural surroundings in South Africa. LAEO is an organization that acts with the mission of defending animal rights across the globe.

For this transportation project, the lions were flown in specially-designed containers to mimic their natural home along with all their nutritional needs being met. Each lion had their own keeper and specially-assigned veterinarians, along with an authorized person from LAEO in attendance throughout the journey to ensure the transportation was as comfortable as possible for Luca, Charlie, Kai and Nathan. As with all live animal transportations, an IATA LAR (IATA Live Animals Regulations) certified Turkish Cargo employee was also on-board.

After a journey of nearly 9,000 km, the lions were released at the Kragga Kamma Natural Park, which is home to a variety of animals native to Africa that roam free in the 14,000 m2 park. Although initially, the lions were hesitant after spending so long with the circus, handlers at the park were confident they would soon adapt to their new environment quickly.

Once again Turkish Cargo has showcased their knowledge and expertise in the transport of live animals.