Turkish Cargo Steadily Moves Onwards and Upwards


Turkey has long prided itself as the meeting place between East and West. Their central position in the world has established them as a natural hub for global trade. The countries flagship cargo carrier, Turkish Cargo, carries the countries traditions forward as they continue to lead as one of the fastest growing air cargo carriers in the world.

From implementing a brand-new website, to moving into their new home at Istanbul Airport, reinforcing their freighter fleet and renewing important certifications, the air carrier has been quite busy. They continue to look forward with a strong focus on the cargo and connecting their services to provide more choices for their customers.

Online Revamp

A highlight to the start of their year was a complete revamp of their website at https://www.turkishcargo.com.tr/en. The recently updated corporate website has a new interface that was designed to be even more accessible and includes many more functions compared to previous versions. Users can now easily find out a variety of information about the world of Turkish Cargo.

The simple and elegant design of the upgraded website allows users with the ability to reach any kind of up-to-date information about the products, contents and services provided by the carrier. And with services in over 126 countries around the world, Turkish Cargo is enabling all their customers with the ability to easy view frequently used processes such as flight schedules, cargo tracking, terminal charges, flight network, fleet and station details inquiry.

The new website upgrade is just one part of the air cargo carrier’s strategy towards digitalization as it aims to be one of the top-five global air cargo brands by 2023.

A New Home

One of the biggest moves for Turkish Cargo this year was the commencement of operations at their new home in Istanbul Airport. This is gradual transition process though, so Turkish Cargo freighters have been operating out of their existing cargo terminal at Ataturk Airport, but will make a move to Istanbul as soon as the Mega Cargo Facility has been completed.

In the interim, cargo transportation operations have been operating via passenger flights at a temporary satellite facility, with no loss in quality of service.

As a result of the ‘Dual Hub’ status, the cargo carrier will have a capacity to handle 4 million tonnes of cargo annually in their state-of-the-art cargo facility. The new facility when complete will have an area of 165,000 m2.

Maintaining Steady Growth

Developing and reinforcing continuously its fleet of 344 aircraft including 24 freighters, the global air cargo brand keeps growing with accomplishments. According to the data obtained by WACD, the international air cargo data provider, in August, Turkish Cargo has increased its tonnage rate by 7.5 percent, ranking 7th across the air cargo market which has shrunk by -7.1 percent.

Maintaining its sustainable and accomplished growth with air cargo operations at more than 300 destinations including 88 direct cargo destinations at 126 countries across the world, Turkish Cargo aims to be one of the top five global air cargo brands by 2023.

Reinforcing with Freighters

In 2019, Turkish Cargo added a sixth Boeing-777 Freighter, capable of flying at a range of 9200 km without any limitation, to its fleet.

Taking off from Everett Paine Airport (USA) and landing at Ataturk Airport, the Boeing-777 Freighter falls under the new-generation freighter category capable of carrying 102 tons and equipped with a high level of fuel saving and technical safety.

Taking delivery of the first Boeing-777F freighter in 2017, which has many substantial benefits in terms of operational costs, efficiency and reliability in intercontinental journeys, Turkish Cargo will have a total of eight Boeing-777 Freighters by 2020.

IATA CEIV Pharma Certification Renewal

Turkish Cargo also extended the validity period of its IATA CEIV (Center of Excellence for Independent Validators) Pharma certificate to 2022, proving its success in all processes throughout the air transportation of medicinal products. Training for the renewal of the certificate, obtained initially in 2016, was planned with the Turkish Airlines Aviation Academy and completed successfully following the audits by IATA. This successfully resulted in the extension of the validity periods of certificates for the “Turkish Airlines INC (Air Carrier) and Ataturk Airport (ISL)” station.

Turkish Cargo says they act responsibly with priority to the maintenance of the integrity of all cold-chain products throughout the transportation process of critical medicinal products such as medicines, vaccines, biotechnological products, diagnosis samples, sensitive medical devices, organs, tissues, etc. which have a high level of importance in respect to temperature and time, and carries out its operations in accordance with the qualification criteria for the IATA CEIV Pharma certificate.

Implementing all handling procedures with dedicated teams working in harmony at its special cargo storage facility of 3,500 m2 in all its accomplished special cargo operations, Turkish Cargo makes use of active temperature-controlled Envirotainer and CSafe containers, the electrical air-conditioning container Opticooler, Thermal Dolly and disposable thermal sheets equipped with thermal isolation features, minimizing any and all risks in highly-critical medicinal products.

Making use of special products designed exclusively for consignments including medicines and medical products and introducing its superior shipment quality to the giant global pharmaceutical companies, Turkish Cargo provides air cargo service to 126 countries thanks to its extensive flight network. Their successful growth and success only look to continue onwards and upwards.

Turkish Cargo Receives the Customer Satisfaction Management Certificate (ISO 10002)

Turkish Cargo, the fastest growing air cargo brand in the world, obtained the “Customer Satisfaction Management Certificate” (ISO 10002) and developed the Cargo Customers Feedback Management Policy accordingly.

Under the Feedback Management Policy developed across Turkish Cargo, various improvements have been performed on the reporting methods, related processes and the feedback management system titled as 3CS, and all employees have been assigned with trainings in the respective issues.

The accomplished air cargo brand placed the customer satisfaction-focused boxes titled as “Sizi Dinliyoruz (We Care About Your Feedback)” at the cargo terminals at Istanbul and Ataturk airports, ensuring a transparent, competent, accessible, objective, fast, answerable and continuously improvable process management.

Acting with a commitment to the customer-focused projects, Turkish Cargo acts in strict adherence to the principle of confidentiality in all feedback, and resolves any and all requests rapidly.

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