Turkish Cargo, one of the fastest growing air cargo brands in the world, have introduced their sixth Boeing-777 Freighter, capable of flying at a range of 9200 km without any limitation to its fleet.

Taking off from Everett Paine Airport and landing at Ataturk Airport on Wednesday, the Boeing-777 Freighter falls under the new-generation freighter category capable of carrying 102 tons and equipped with a high level of fuel saving and technical safety.

Turkish Cargo took delivery of their first Boeing-777F freighter in 2017, and will have a total of eight Boeing-777 Freighters by 2020.

Developing and reinforcing continuously its fleet of 344 aircraft including 24 freighters, the global air cargo brand keeps growing with accomplishments. According to the data obtained by WACD, the international air cargo data provider, in July, Turkish Cargo has increased its tonnage rate by 11.7 percent, ranking 7th across the air cargo market which has shrunk by -4.2 percent.