Turkish Cargo is Leading the Fight to Keep Supply Chains Flowing


Collectively, the world is going through a crisis at this very moment. A pandemic the likes of which the world has not seen for a century is sweeping across the globe, seeding uncertainty into the marketplace. The COVID-19 coronavirus is, rightfully, dominating the headlines and as many are hunkering down to weather the storm, there are those that strive to foster an interrupted supply chain.

Turkish Cargo, a global brand with the world’s sixth largest cargo capacity, is one of a number of companies around the world that have taken up arms to fight back against this pandemic. During this critical time, the world is evermore in need of it’s supermarket shelves stocked and its supply chains ready enough to handle the strains being placed upon it.

As such, carriers like Turkish Cargo have taken great strides to begin operating cargo flights with their passenger aircraft in addition to their flights with 25 high capacity freighters in order to prevent any mishaps in the supply chain and carry medical cargo that are of vital importance.

Turkish Cargo is Leading the Fight Against the Coronavirus Pandemic

Albeit the unusual change of demand, Turkish Cargo is continuing to serve as a solution partner while adhering to the restrictions imposed by the national authorities and the precautionary practices implemented by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. Turkish Cargo has answered the call and has started to make use of the aircraft available in its fleet, in addition to its current cargo freighter capacity, which was increased to 25 from 13 during the last 4 years.

Furthermore, acting by being aware of the fact that continuation of the air cargo flow will be life saving during this period, Turkish Cargo supports all of the efforts made by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for fighting against the corona virus, globally.

Flying the first of the cargo flights operated with a passenger aircraft on 20 March with a B777 type on Istanbul-Kiev route, Turkish Cargo is set to operate cargo flights to Bucharest (OTP), Tel Aviv (TLV), Amsterdam (AMS), London (LHR), Paris (CDG), Amman (AMM), Beirut (BEY), and Dubai (DWC/DXB), thus adding an 5 thousand tonnes of additional capacity.

Turkish Cargo is Leading the Fight Against the Coronavirus Pandemic

During these times with global repercussions and national challenge, Turkish Cargo continues its mission to act as a bridge that transports the much-needed medicine and medical equipment to Turkey from across the world and from Turkey to the countries that need them. With that in mind, the global cargo carrier has already started to carry rapid test kits that can give results in 15 minutes to Turkey from China.

Turkish Cargo has added 14.500 tonnes of extra capacity from and to Turkey with an additional 167 cargo flights. By adjusting to the rapidly changing situation and maintaining its commitment to provide additional capacity, global cargo carrier will contribute to the continuation of the supply chain while doing its duty during these challenging times by standing with its nation as the flag carrier.

While continuing its operations with its specialized crew and team members and operational units, Turkish Cargo, the flag carrier national brand, serves 7/24/7 with its booking system just as it has always done, and will continue to be a preferred brand in air cargo transportation.

Turkish Cargo is Leading the Fight Against the Coronavirus Pandemic

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