One of the world’s fastest-growing cargo airlines providing service to 124 countries, Turkish Cargo, recently announced the successful completion of two special cargo operations both transporting horses to the Turkish capital of Istanbul and Dubai in the U.A.E.

For the first transport project, a total of 15 foals and horses were flown to Istanbul airport from Chicago, U.S. The horses were housed in five specially designed stalls to ensure a comfortable journey across the Atlantic. Each stall was fitted with non-slip floors and all edges were rounded to negate any chance of injury.

The second special cargo project was the delivery of the purebreds Good Curry and Peri Lina to Dubai from Istanbul, the horse would compete in the prestigious Dubai World Cup.

For both of these projects Turkish Cargo, as always strictly adhered to the IATA LAR (IATA Live Animals Regulations) along with cooperation with the Animal Transportation Association for all their acceptance, storage and transportation processes for the live animal transportation.

Turkish Cargo has once again proved their experience and reliability in live animal transportation.