The worldwide spotlight on COVID-19 has moved the needs for all organizations and people all around. While the effect of and the response to the infection on supply chains and logistics gives off an impression that the world has come to a halt, rest assured that there are many people working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the world ticking over.

Special times like these make us realize just how important certain industries are. Frequently, the public is quick to thank medical workers who obviously do an exceptional job in treating those affected, but for the most part, the logistics industry is overlooked in the critical role it plays in our everyday lives. Now more than ever, it’s clear to see that those logistics workers are unsung heroes, bravely serving us to keep our supermarket shelves stocked and our essential deliveries flowing uninterrupted.

The Unseen Workforce

We have never faced something like COVID-19 before and though there are analogs in the way that countries adapt to traumas like war and famine, this situation is unprecedented in the modern age. The reality of the situation is nobody knows exactly how long the lockdowns will last and what the overall effect on the economy will be.

Even in the face of a global crisis, brave workers in the logistics industry are helping to rebuild and restock the world, while the rest of us stay safe in our homes. These workers are often unacknowledged and to most of society are invisible.

Consider for a moment how it is possible that we still have enough to eat, continue to have medical supplies, and other goods to maintain our comfort and health. This is all possible because of the logistics professionals who are currently putting themselves in harm’s way to provide for us all.

As the coronavirus continues to spread, many countries around the globe have placed strict new regulations on their citizens, in which anyone who is not considered to be a ‘key worker’ must remain at home, unless they are traveling to the shop for necessities, exercise, caring for vulnerable people, or have medical needs. The situation has shed light on just how necessary logistics workers are to our everyday lives, earning them the status of ‘key worker’.

In today’s economy, we heavily rely on logistics workers to ensure that shops, schools, and hospitals, as well as our homes, have the products they need, when they need them. Their efforts are vital to the continued provision of goods and services to all the elements of the worldwide economy.

Praise Where it’s Due

There have been calls globally for an all-encompassing definition that recognizes the vital nature of roles in logistics, which has now been granted in almost all nations under the key worker initiative. This comes at a time when these brave workers are helping to maintain vital supply chains and keep the flow of our products seamless, regardless of what recognition they attain.

Doctors, nurses, medical, and grocery store staff are also equally deserving of recognition. However, we at Logistics Manager and Airfreight Logistics wish to especially thank those logistics professionals who are manning the post.

We wish to extend our gratitude and appreciation to all airlines and integrators, ocean carriers, ocean terminals, airports, cargo handlers, and freight forwarders. The port authorities, terminal operators, and contract logistics providers. Warehouses and distribution centers.  Every trucker, customs official, railroad worker, customs brokers, last mile service providers, and all those courageous staff in logistics who are all working tirelessly to make sure we have what we need when we need it.

Thank you for your service from all the team at Airfreight Logistics.

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