Thailand Post Raises Air Mail Delivery Standards with World’s First Regulated Postal Authority

Thailand Post Raises Air Mail Delivery Standards with World’s First Regulated Postal Authority

Thailand Post is raising air mail delivery standard by launching world’s first regulated postal authority which was certified by The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) in accordance with requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Ms. Samorn Therdthamphiboon, Thailand Post President said that the Thailand Post had requested a certificate for air mail transport services to upgrade the Suvarnabhumi Postal Center to become the world’s first regulated postal authority from the CAAT to ensure the security of air mail delivery that is free of explosives or other dangerous items. The Regulated Postal Authority has security measures which intensely focuses on 3 areas including individuals, facilities and parcels.
For individual security, every security officer must attend a security training and attain a license. Furthermore, criminal records of each officer must be checked and followed by a physical examination with metal detector. Upon leaving and entering facility, security officers must be identified with their fingerprints.

The facility must also implement grid fences around terminals and install 36 HD grade surveillance cameras over area of operations with patrolling security officers for 24 hours in accordance with facilities security measures.

For further security, keeping records of those who send parcels at post offices around Thailand is required in order to help prevent illegal activities. A tracking number is also displayed on the plastic strap that is wrapped around parcel container doors to secure the delivery along with utilizing X-Ray devices to aid in the search for dangerous items. This is to assure airlines that every parcels processed through Suvarnabhumi Postal Center (regulated postal authority) are 100% free of dangerous or restricted items.

Thailand Post said the certified regulated postal authority will build a reliability in security standard for airlines and boost air mail delivery standards as well as speeding up deliveries.

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