Saudi Arabian Logistics (SAL) Launches Pharma Facilities at KFIA Cargo Village

Saudi Arabian Logistics (SAL) Launches Pharma Facilities at KFIA Cargo Village

Saudi Arabian Logistics (SAL) has launched operations at its state-of-the-art pharma facilities that recently opened at the Dammam-based King Fahad International Airport’s Cargo Village.

The new warehouses will support the infrastructure of pharma and medical equipment handling facilities as per the international standards of the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Union Good Distribution Practice and Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA).

A subsidiary of the Saudi Arabian Airlines Corporation, SAL said the facility expansion plan is being implemented as scheduled at selected sites within the Cargo Village at the Dammam Station.

Before expansion, the total area of the medical storage facilities stood at approximately 118 square meters but after expansion it reached approximately 542 square meters with an operational capacity of 14,000 tons a year as follows: 262 square meters of the facilities are dedicated for storing goods with temperature ranging between 15-25 Celsius whereas 262 square meters are used for storing goods with temperature between 2-8 Celsius. The facilities can also be used for storing different types of medical cargo with very low temperatures, below zero.

Omar Hariri, SAL CEO, said in a statement, “We usher in a new phase of advanced cargo handling services for pharma and medical equipment. We are creating the proper environment and developing the infrastructure needed for the current period, which has seen an increasing demand on pharma and medical equipment cargos during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Mr. Omar Hariri

The Saudi Arabian Logistics has enhanced the quality of its medical storage warehousing services, bought state-of-the-art temperature-controlling equipment and devices, and installed efficient safety systems to prevent risks. All the equipment and devices meet the quality standards of the European Union Good Distribution Practice (EU GDP) for handling and storing medicinal products, explained Hariri, adding that SAL qualifies its cadre to efficiently handle such types of cargo.

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