Under the mutual cooperation with the government of Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan Airlines (JAL) conducted a trial transporting freight for approximately 46km within the local islands in Nagasaki with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) helicopter. On February 19, in conjunction with JAL Cargo’s transport service, fresh fish from the city of Shinkamigoto in Nagasaki was successfully transported on the same day to a restaurant in Tokyo, demonstrating the potential for UAV services in Japan.

In terms of transporting goods between local airports with a UAV helicopter, this was the first-ever demonstration conducted in the country of Japan. JAL aims to develop a new type of air cargo service in the industry with UAV technology, as the airline foresees demand for such services in the near future. Also, combined with JAL’s domestic network, the carrier aims to cultivate new demands, contribute to regional revitalization and achieve key sustainable development goals.