Freshport Asia Launches Cost-effective FlowerCare Service


Protecting delicate flowers is now more efficient and cost-effective for traders, packing houses, and exporters in Thailand with the launch of Freshport Asia’s new FlowerCare service.

Freshport Asia recently reported their launch of a brand new dedicated handling service for flower exporters. The new service looks to benefit the local cut flower industry, which has been flourishing thanks in part to airfreight capabilities, and the quick transportation that airfreight provides is imperative for long lasting vase life at the end destination.

Mr. Chris Reichert

The orchid industry in Thailand is famous, and in order to stay at their best the flowers need a little special attention and care which is what Freshport aims to provide. Keeping them fresh and making sure they are kept in their optimal temperature range is of the utmost importance, as the clock begins ticking for the life of the flower as soon as the stem is cut.

Freshport Asia says that for many growers and exporters in Thailand, cooling their product is not always a top priority. Some do not have on-site facilities for cooling and will depend on cool trucks to do the job for them on-route to the airport. Unfortunately, many times this isn’t enough.

Freshport Asia’s FlowerCare service is specifically designed to fill this gap by offering a simple and efficient supervision and cooling service. Mr. Chris Reichert, Operations Director at Freshport Asia, explains that: “Our new FlowerCare service is a direct response to the needs we’ve seen in the market for temperature recovery and/or stability before aircraft departure. Thailand is famous for its orchids, and an optimal temperature range of 12 – 15 Celsius is needed before they are shipped to ensure a quality end product.”

“Because of several factors our customers don’t normally require the full-service package. What we offer instead is a simple service of receiving, cooling, supervision and loading all under controlled conditions. It’s an inexpensive service and is great for traders and packing houses that may not have their own cooling facilities and will sometimes rely on inbound cool trucks to chill the product, which isn’t it’s intended function. In the end, this service is an economical and effective tool that we hope will benefit the orchid export industry.”

Freshport Asia’s FlowerCare service is focused around utilizing a mobile precool unit that uses a vacuum method to draw and distribute cool air actively and efficiently through the boxes, and at the same time removes any excess moisture which may build up during the inbound journey. Mr. Reichert said: “We make these cooling fans in-house using local materials to produce a very effective tool for precooling. This type of technology can be purchased in the market place but normally comes as a very large and expensive unit, which is counter-intuitive to the economical and efficient service we aim to provide. When flowers have a flight to catch and limited time for cooling, a solution like FlowerCare is ideal to keep the flowers at their best.”

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