Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE, has become the most recent airline to partner with easyJet. The partnership follows easyJet’s accelerated roll out program with flight comparison search engine, Dohop, which powers the easyJet worldwide website connecting their European network with longhaul flights.

For Etihad, this has been achieved using the NDC (New Distribution Capability) platform providing technical capability for new partnerships previously not possible. The partnership with easyJet and Dohop is the Etihad’s first use of this technology. Etihad plans to add more airlines and travel partners to their NDC portfolio in 2020.

“This new collaboration between two great brands is a logical leap forward for both our companies. easyJet is a perfect launch partner for us in Europe, allowing us to reliably increase the breadth of our continental reach to and from Abu Dhabi, as we enhance ways of connecting directly with more airlines and travel partners around the world,” said Mr. Ali Saleh, Etihad Airways Vice President Alliances and Partnerships. 

“The ability to provide end-to-end booking capabilities through our NDC platform will provide customers with ‘one stop’ solutions for seamless travel with partners, whether legacy or low-cost, through Etihad’s global gateways,” he continued.