Emirates SkyCargo Help Spread the Love for Valentine’s Day


Emirates Airlines freight division, Emirates SkyCargo, are playing cupid as they help deliver 1000’s of flowers across the globe. As the day of love quickly approaches, major flower producing nations around the world including Kenya and Ecuador harvest and air-freight additional quantities of roses to major destinations such as Aalsmeer market in the Netherlands.

The air cargo carrier operates four weekly freighters to Quito and daily scheduled freighter flights to Nairobi, throughout the year to uplift flowers that are then flown to destinations across their global network.

Al these extra flowers mean additional capacity as the demand increases, to meet the seasonal demand Emirates SkyCargo will be operating a total of nine freighter flights dedicated for flowers over and above their standard scheduled operations.

Each of Emirates SkyCargo’s Boeing 777 freighters can carry up to 100 tonnes of cargo, this equates to nearly 900 tonnes of roses being transported.

Transporting the flowers is just one part of the project, the airline also has to keep them fresh and in pristine condition. Emirates Fresh, Emirates Fresh Active and Emirates Fresh Breathe, designed by Emirates SkyCargo is a specialized three-tiered portfolio of solutions for air-freighting different kinds of perishable cargo including food items and flowers.

Emirates SkyCargo helps make an important economic contribution to the local economies in both Ecuador and Kenya, as many people depend on the floriculture industry for their income and livelihoods.

Emirates SkyCargo transported more than 50,000 tonnes of flowers across the world in 2018, with a majority for the shipments originating from Kenya.

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