DSV Send Help to Hurricane Hit Bahamas


Danish-based transport and logistics company offering transport services worldwide by road, air, sea and train, DSV have been helping the international Red Cross to facilitate the movement of equipment as quickly as possible to worst affected areas in the Bahamas.

Hurricane Dorian struck the Northern coastline of the Bahamas displacing an estimated 70,000 people. Challenges aid and rescue teams are facing are made more difficult as both infrastructure and means of transportation have been destroyed. DSV is playing a vital role in the rescue and clean-up operation.

Base camps have been established in the Bahamas by four volunteers from the Danish Red Cross. These camps are fundamental in helping the local population, says Disaster Response and Preparedness Manager from Danish Red Cross, Jesper Ranch Nielsen:

“A base camp covers all basic needs for a delegate and allows them to focus 100% on helping the local population. Thousands of Bahamians need food and shelter, and the best and most efficient way of providing that help is for the Red Cross to have a safe base to provide help from.”

Base camps are stored at international emergency relief warehouses, within 48 hours of the call for help the Red Cross needs to be able to move out and get disaster relief to the affected areas. To be efficient, careful planning is needed, DSV moved the equipment to the nearest airport then arranged for the equipment to be forwarded quickly to the Bahamas.

DSV Senior Manager for Corporate Social Responsibility, Helle Pedersen Nielsen said, “Making sure equipment is transported in a safe and efficient way is what we know best in DSV, and we’re proud to be able to contribute to Red Cross’ emergency response effort.”

The Danish Red Cross and DSV will send two smaller camps, Jesper Ranch Nielsen explains:

“The infrastructure and means of transportation are in such a bad state on the islands that it’s really hard to get to the affected areas and to assess the damages accurately. With smaller camps, we are more agile, and we can provide help directly from the affected area. That also provides a better view of exactly which type of help is needed in a certain area.”

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