DSV Rail Promotes Service as Viable Option to Blank Sailings and Cancelled Flights from China

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the resulting blank sailings and cancelled flights, Chinese ports and airports have become congested. Rail transportation has emerged as a feasible alternative to sea or airfreight.

The rail journey from terminal to terminal currently takes between 11 and 15 days from northern and central China to Europe. Transit time from Europe to China is slightly longer at 18 – 20 days.

DSV says their dedicated rail team operates multiple rail services from China to destinations all over Europe. Since the middle of February, that includes block trains where DSV controls the entire capacity.

In addition to full container loads (FCL), less that container loads (LCL) is also available and DSV has their own DSV consolidation services for westbound and eastbound trains.

In addition to rail, road transport from China to Europe is also possible again. The route via Russia (the Manchurian border) is feasible and door-to-door it takes 18 – 20 days.