DHL has launched the ‘Connected Logistics Innovation Platform’ (CLIP) to strengthen Singapore’s position as a leading global center of high-tech solutions and innovations. With the support of the Singapore Economic Development Board, the platform aims to enhance the quality of DHL’s services with a suite of pilot projects to accelerate digitalization. Equally, CLIP will create an innovation network leveraging Singapore providers, academia and local talent to align with and reinforce Singapore’s ‘Smart Nation’ initiative.

DHL says that CLIP will focus on projects that enhance their global business, including secure digital services for customers; smart facilities with digital interaction between people and assets; trusted links with customers, partners and authorities; and advanced analytics to unlock new insights. The projects will harness technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, data lake, automation, augmented/virtual reality and predictive analytics. This effort will continue through 2022.

“With CLIP, we are accelerating digitalization in logistics to enhance the quality of our services for our customers,” said Supriya Rao Patwardhan, CIO, SVP Global Programs & Standards, DHL Express. “Singapore has an innovative environment and an excellent ecosystem of technology and service providers, making it a great place to pilot high-tech initiatives. We are training up the next generation of talent on the most advanced technologies, while equipping our existing workforce with skills to leverage digital solutions.”

As part of the CLIP initiative, Singapore will be the pilot site for projects involving new use cases and advanced technologies, before they are rolled out to DHL Express’ global network of 220 countries and territories. One such project is a platform to monitor daily global shipment volumes across more than 4,000 DHL Express facilities around the world using real-time analytics. Another project is the establishment of a Collaboration and Innovation portal to harness ideas from DHL’s global workforce.

“Technological advancements are transforming the logistics industry at a rapid pace, with forward-looking logistics players like DHL embarking on collaborative efforts to innovate and stay ahead. DHL’s CLIP will leverage Singapore’s vibrant ecosystem of technology suppliers, start-ups and research institutes to explore new solutions and pilot projects before implementing it across its global facilities. Initiatives such as CLIP will continue to contribute to the up-skilling of our workforce and create diverse job roles for Singapore,” said Mr. Lee Eng Keat, Executive Director, Commercial and Professional Services, Singapore Economic Development Board.