DHL Express Launch Thailand’s First Import Service for Non-Account Customers and Small Businesses

DHL Express Launch Thailand’s First Import Service for Non-Account Customers and Small Businesses

DHL Express has launched Thailand’s first import service that allows non-account customers and small businesses the ability to easily manage the entire import process by themselves including determining pickup and delivery dates and pre-paying shipping service charges.

DHL Express says this service is designed for small businesses with irregular import needs and do not have an import account with the company, as well as for individuals wishing to import goods or items from any country where the sender faces shipping restrictions to Thailand.

The company notes that with the boom in cross-border e-commerce, close to half of 24-34-year-old Thai shoppers surveyed intending to continue shopping online from overseas more frequently, DHL Express anticipates a rise in e-commerce and cross-border delivery needs. The DHL Express import service platform aims to simplify the goods importation process by providing users with a credit card payment option, door-to-door pickup and delivery, and access to a 24/7 call center.

Herbert Vongpusanachai, Managing Director of DHL Express Thailand and Head of Indochina, said: “Through this import service, DHL Express underlines its commitment to meeting the needs of various customer groups. Similar to exports, imports are also the backbone of international trade. We understand that businesses today have to adapt to global changes, whilst ensuring that their businesses are up and running. With overseas travel now a challenge, cross-border trade of goods is becoming increasingly critical. Whether it is about bringing raw materials or essential products, we believe this import shipping service will help to reconnect people and businesses and boost economic recovery for Thailand.”

Ms. Sunisa Divakorndamrong, a small business owner and a frequent user of DHL Express import service said: “During the unofficial launch period, I’ve used DHL Express import services 4 or 5 times to bring kitchenware from the Philippines to Thailand. The online process enables me to manage and track the imports easily. The clear service quote and service quality are what I like most about the service.”

For dutiable shipments into Thailand, DHL Express will pay any duties and taxes levied by the customs authorities (up to 50,000 THB) upfront on behalf of the customers to process customs clearance so that goods can be delivered. DHL Express’s Advance Duty Collection will then inform of the required customs duties either via SMS or email before the shipment arrives. The charges are payable online by credit card or cash.

For shipments whose CIF (cost, insurance, and freight) does not exceed 1,500 baht and are not prohibited or restricted goods, they will be exempted from applicable taxes and duties. DHL Express advises customers to visit the Customs Department’s website at to clarify prohibited and restricted goods, import guidelines, and documents required.

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