China Airlines Launches Ultra-Low Temperature Services


China Airlines has launched a new ultra-low temperature delivery service to take advantage of opportunities arising from COVID-19 vaccine delivery. Deliveries for cargo chilled to as low as -80°C can now be undertaken once dry ice is added.

Comprehensive measures were put in place by China Airlines for analysis of station capability before shipping and personnel training. The airline also has extensive experience in cold chain logistics and their management. In addition to full-time monitoring during transportation and warehouse priority, owners can also monitor the temperature and battery level of temperature-controlled containers online. The high standard of service and attention to detail during transportation played a critical part in obtaining CEIV certification.

An agreement has also been signed between China Airlines and international passive temperature-controlled container suppliers to expand the service portfolio to include ultra-low temperature delivery. Unlike conventional cold chain logistics in which temperature-controlled containers utilize battery-powered active-cooling, passive ultra-low temperature containers require no batteries. A combination of patented vacuum insulated panels and phase change materials effectively maintain the specified temperature for up to 5 days. A storage temperature as low as -80°C can even be achieved with the addition of dry ice. This provides certain vaccines with the stable and safe temperature they need to maintain their efficacy, quality during transport, and cost-effective delivery.

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