Ukrainian cargo airline and a division of the Antonov aviation company, Antonov Airlines recently flew one of their most critical flights to date. The emergency mission was carrying vital supplies for the typhoon-hit island of Guam, USA.

The efficiency and flexibility of Antonov Airlines were key into getting this critical shipment to Guam, just hours after the typhoon had torn through the island. Just a few hours before the Typhoon Mangkhut hit, an Antonov Airlines AN-225 Mriya was chartered by Air Partner acting on instructions from the US Government.

The AN-225 which is the biggest aircraft in the world, flew 13-hours non-stop from Ukraine to California, before then flying from Oakland International Airport to Guam International Airport with over 123,000 kg (271,200 lb) of aid.

An aircraft with immediate availability, coupled with the need to transport the maximum possible volume of cargo in the shortest possible timeframe left no question that the AN-225 was the perfect choice for this time-critical mission.

This aircraft has several defining capabilities including the ability to load outsized cargoes, such as emergency response vehicles and equipment, allowing the teams responsible to plan operations flexibly in quickly changing scenarios and circumstances during these types of emergency situations.

Antonov Airlines Head of Commercial Department, Ruslan Bykovets explained, “Delivery time and maximum payload were key factors in the choice of the AN-225 aircraft for this air shipment,”

Mr. Bykovets continued, “The ANTONOV Airlines team organised this complicated operation overnight during the weekend, proving once again our ability to react quickly to the needs of the customers 24/7, which is crucial in maintaining our position at the forefront of the cargo charter market.”