The new decade is upon us and we here at Airfreight Logistics are celebrating our 15th anniversary in 2020 as well. From the very beginning, we have strived to deliver accurate and essential news for those interested in the world of air freight. Our location in Bangkok, Thailand offered us a unique opportunity to be one of the only Thai local language publications catering to the logistics industry. With our dual language operation, we have continually provided information to a market thirsting for quality information and news.

Our monthly magazine still continues to this day, but it’s our online presence where we continue to grow. In order to continue offering the newest and most relevant news and features, we have revamped our online website.

To learn more about all the new functions and features available, join us as we take a tour through the new digital face of Airfreight Logistics.

Fresh Start

The entire backend of the website was redone from scratch and revamped to be both faster to access and use as well as being more SEO friendly. This was critical, as while it’s possible to just make the website look different, we aimed to build it from the ground up with user experience in mind. The new interface was also designed to be even more accessible and includes many more functions compared to previous versions. We also continue to offer dual languages, so the website is comfortable for visitors whether they speak English, Thai, or both languages.

When first visiting the website at above the fold on the home page the latest five news are visible. In a style reminiscent of websites such as, we aimed to design the site with continuous scroll in mind while keeping the latest news at the top.

From our research, a large majority of visits to our website start at the home page, so it was extremely important to make sure this was designed well. If the page is poorly designed, the chances of a user leaving are extremely high. That’s why it’s so important to leave a good first impression.

Just below the fold is an area that holds more valuable information for the visitor to the site. There’s an area highlighting larger features stories or other important news that visitors should see.

Accessible Anywhere

A large percentage of users will continue to access the information on Airfreight Logistics through their desktop computers, but arguably one of the biggest upgrades for the new website was the responsive design built right into the system. This allows users to access the same information wherever they may be and on any device. Phones, tablets, laptops, desktops; it’s all readily accessible and able to easily navigate through the new website.

More than Just News

Beyond providing timely updates, news, and features, the online website also offers links to several important sections. On the top menu bar, there is a link to our online jobs section. Whether you’re looking to post a new opening in your company, or are a person looking for new opportunities elsewhere, check out our online jobs resource for timely updates in logistics focused jobs.

The directory is a section focused on helping users find logistics-related services. From logistics providers, airlines, GSAs, to land transportation and IT providers, there is a wide range of services available for what you’re looking for.

For those wishing to view the print edition of our magazine online, follow the back-issue link available on the top menu bar.

For timely updates directly in your favorite social media feed, find links to Airfreight Logistics social media at the very top of the website.

As we move into the new decade, we here at Airfreight Logistics would like to thank you for continuing to be a loyal follower and reader of our content. Be it in print, online, in English or in Thai, we look forward to delivering the latest logistics related news to you.

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