Airbus Awards Yusen Logistics Contract to Manage Air and Ocean Transport for their US A320 Final Assembly Line

Yusen Logistics has been awarded a new three-year contract to provide international air and ocean transportation solutions for Airbus. Yusen will manage the air and ocean transportation of aircraft parts from the Airbus consolidation Hub in Hamburg, Germany to its A320 final assembly line (FAL) in Mobile, Alabama, USA.

Working under the Airbus Lead Transport Provider (4PL) framework, Yusen Logistics will assist in logistics optimization, cargo shipment, and intermodal transport as key steps to reduce the transportation carbon emission and contribute to improvements within Airbus’ supply chain.

“We are honored that Airbus looks at Yusen as the right fit and preferred logistics partner for their business,” said Mr. Takeshi Kondo, Yusen’s Chief Regional Officer, Europe. “We attribute our success to the Yusen Logistics team members globally who work hard to meet Airbus’ service requirements, providing transport solutions to assist Airbus in Mobile”.

Yusen says this contract also further highlights their experience in high value cargo transportation and dynamic multi-modal solutions for complex supply chains, with a flexibility to provide just in time services for time critical parts.